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One Way Circuits is pleased to announce the completion of the upgrade to our Photo-Mech department.

We have just installed nearly 100k worth of New Machinery purchased from Viking Test Services which includes two high tech Exposure Systems and a new Dry Film Laminator.

This will enable One Way Circuits to produce work through this area quicker and will also improve the overall quality of our product.

This is part of the going improvement program to ensure we really do exceed our customers expectations.


Dry Film Laminator

Model: SFB-240

Fast warm up from cold.
Lamination rollers are made from heat resistant hard silicon
rubber, the best material for lamination of dry film photo resist on FPC&PCB board.
Dual cylinders ensure precision balanced roller pressure across the complete width of the panel.
Best possible lamination speed and reduced dry film waste.


UV 8KW Exposure System

Model: SFB-820

PLC with easy to operate LCD touch screen.
Accurate exposure system.
Integrated UV sensors.
Precision UV measurement of exposure frame ensuring even upper and lower frame values.
Statistical records for analysis of efficiency.
Thermostatic control of frame temperature to ensure precise performance.