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  Surface Mount Assembly

One Way Circuits Ltd offers Surface Mount Technology PCB assembly by hand or machine, from fast track prototypes to volume. Our fully automated Essemtec FLX2010c SMT machine has a quick-change intelligent feeders to handle components from 0402 resistors to fine pitch devices. We populate all the usual PCB materials.

Our services start from your design and continue through Procurement, PCB sourcing, Contract Assembly, including through hole and automated surface mount assembly, testing, box build, packaging and despatch.

The FLX2010c placement solution features a conveyor system that allows for flexible and fast placement operations on the substrate. The substrate itself, a sandwich piece consisting of an aluminum carrier with the film and downholder, will be located on the conveyor and moved into the placement position.

Our PCB assembly services are supported by experienced technicians and the necessary equipment for product modification or repairs.

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"Our assembly facilities offer complete printed circuit board assembly and board mounting."

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