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UV 8KW Exposure System

Model: SFB-820

PLC with easy to operate LCD touch screen.
Accurate exposure system.
Integrated UV sensors.
Precision UV measurement of exposure frame ensuring even upper and lower frame values.
Statistical records for analysis of efficiency.
Thermostatic control of frame temperature to ensure precise performance.

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Technical Specifications - SFB-820
Power: AC 380V three phase 50/60Hz 100A.
Lamp: 8KW*2, metal halide lamp.
Exposure: 930mm x 730mm.
Lamp cooling method: DI water cooling.
Exposure frame cooling: Forced air cooling.
Exposure method: Double sided exposure; mylar .vs. glass.
Integrate temperature control: 1.5-2.0kgf/cm2 requiring chiller unit.
Light wave: 300~425nm.
Controller: Proface PLC operation.
Monitoring: Self diagnosing and error alarming system.
Lamp life: 800 hours above ,40mw/cm²±5%.
Light uniformity: Above 83%.
Loading/unloading time: As low as 10 secs.
Working temperature: 20~22 deg C.
Vacuum system: Vacuum pump, above 650mm/hg pressure.
Dimension (L*W*H): 2700mm*1400mm*2000mm.
Net weight: 1500kg.