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Dry Film Laminator

Model: SFB-240

Fast warm up from cold.
Lamination rollers are made from heat resistant hard silicon
rubber, the best material for lamination of dry film photo resist on FPC&PCB board.
Dual cylinders ensure precision balanced roller pressure across the complete width of the panel.
Best possible lamination speed and reduced dry film

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Technical Specifications - SFB-240
Power: AC 230V at 50/60Hz 15A.
Board thickness: 0.05~3.2mm (optional 10mm).
Dry film size (W*T): 240~610mm*15μm~76μm+ custom build for larger sizes.
Speed: 1~4 Metre /min adjustable.
Min. air pressure: 3-5kg/ cm2 16L/min.
Laminating temperature: 50 deg C~200 deg C- fully adjustable.
Exhaust: 4 Inch outlet.
Dimension (L*W*H): 750mm*1120mm*1400mm.
Weight: 160kg.